We are a hub for student-led bioengineering research.

iGEM at Berkeley Retreat

iGEM at Berkeley is UC Berkeley’s only hands-on genetic engineering club for undergraduates. Our mission is to provide undergraduates with the unique opportunity to perform original, student-led genetic engineering research projects. We are dedicated to nurturing technical expertise, fostering teamwork, and igniting a passion for synthetic biology research in every student. Most importantly, we’re committed to making synthetic biology accessible, welcoming students from all backgrounds and levels of research experience at Cal.

With the help of our faculty advisor Professor Anderson, we provide resources and mentorship to undergraduate researchers exploring novel questions and challenges in bioengineering. For students interested in synthetic and computational biology research but want a fundamental introduction to the underlying science and wetlab skills, we have created a 2-semester course called Foundations of Engineering Biology.

Once students have this background, they join our project teams to first ideate a research question and then design and execute experiments around it. To see the exciting work our project teams are doing, check out our teams page. Dive deeper into our club’s organizational structure detailed below to see all the ways you can get involved.


iGEM at Berkeley Organization Structure


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at directors@igem.berkeley.edu!